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willie asked Battery alligator clips jack?

Hey i was wondering can anyone help me find a product that connects to like a car battery and the other end is like a walljack so you can like plug in a toaster or whatever on the other end. Thanks!! how does a power inverter work?

And got the following answer:

A power inverter plugs into your cigarette lighter or power port in you car. It coverts 12 volts DC into 110 volts AC. You can get them starting at about $20 for a low end model. You won't be able to plug anything with much current draw on a cheap one though. A for how they work, I got this from the Schumacher website...... There are two stages involved in transforming 12-volt DC (or battery) power into 110V AC (household voltage): STAGE 1: A power inverter uses a DC to DC transformer to increase the 12-volt DC input voltage from the power source to 145-volts DC. STAGE 2: The inverter then converts the 145-volts DC into 110-volts AC (household voltage) using advanced MOSFET transistors in a full bridge configuration. A "modified sine wave" waveform is generated by this conversion. Inverters, in their most basic form, operate similar to battery chargers in reverse: they take 12vDC power from a battery and run it through modern circuitry to change it into 120vAC current.

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