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skye asked Why does my shower water keep getting colder?

All was fine until we remodeled and installed a new faucet. Now the temperature of the shower starts off fine and then gets colder after a couple of minutes. My not exactly the handiest husband said it is a setting to keep yourself from scalding yourself and he supposedly adjusted the temp. Now, it does start off super hot and you have to adjust it lower to begin your shower, but I'm noticing you still have to keep adjusting all the time you are showering because the temp still gets lower. How can we fix this so the water will stay consistently warm the entire time we are showering? Thanks! I know it's not the water heater because it works fine in a different bathroom.

And got the following answer:

Perform this experiment: 1. Turn on the troublesome shower to a medium temperature. Let it run. 2. Go to any faucet and turn on the hot only. What happens to the faucet's temperature after 3, 5, 7, and 10 minutes? Does it stay the same temperature? Does it cool off? If it does cool off, I suspect the new shower is using far more water than the old one, and the capacity of the water heater is not sufficient. Either install a flow regulator in the shower head, or service/upgrade the water heater. (A standard water heater plus tank fills over the months with sediment—it should be flushed out periodically to maintain its storage capacity. That's what the little faucet at the bottom of the tank is for.) If the faucet does not cool off, check the instructions for the new shower control. Perhaps it has a thermostatic control which has not been calibrated.

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