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Hannah asked What are the deffects/bad things that are affecting us if we dont use solar power ?

I want to know or know where to find a whole lot of facts about what happens if we dont use solar power. And How the world may turn out if we dont use solar power .

And got the following answer:

We as a species need to harness the existing natural forces of Nature. Pierre, South Dakota - has the largest Geotherm al reservrs on the planet - Untapped. We will never quit on petro power untill it is all gone, and, Ethonal added to gas is turning bovine food into grain alchol and is affecting the food supply and chain. In adair Iowa is a very large grain alachol that produces for South Dakota fuel addative. No such thing as Clean Coal. Solar is all 12 volt and requires batteries. Hybred cars have to be plugged into the grid. Power generation requires heat production, the largest oil reserve is the belkin reserve under the Northern Rockies. Humans should seperate necessay utility with economic gain. Out of Control of a nuke - Nuclear Winter - NO survival

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