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slayeradam asked What can I hide to cause radio static?

I want to participate in a scavenger hunt and bury something for a somewhat long period of time that causes static to radio waves so the scavenger would have to use their ears. Is there something non electrical that would cause this?

And got the following answer:

If you want to make radio static, you're going to need to use something electrical. You can probably use something made with digital logic gates.  I would suggest connecting a hex inverter chip (7404 or the CMOS equivalent, from Radio Shack) so that the input of one gate is connected to its output, and put a short antenna on it.  You would power this with a 9-volt battery run through a 7805 5-volt regulator chip with some capacitors on the power input and output; you want a few microfarads of electrolytic on both input and output, and a disc ceramic on the output going to the inverter chip.  Connect the unused inverter inputs to ground (negative power pin) and leave the outputs unconnected.  A grab-bag capacitor assortment will probably give you the capacitors you need.

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