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Brian asked How to do you set up a hot tub for the first time?

I just bought a house that came with a hot tub, which is empty. The previous owners left the following chemicals for it: Shock, Alkalinity Increaser, brominating tablets, as well as some test strips. I also don't see any temperature controls on the main control panel. The tub is made by Advanced Spas. If anyone could give me some step by step directions, as well as any other chemicals I might need, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

And got the following answer:

They didn't give an owner's manual? If not, search on the internet or contact the manufacturer. When we bought ours the hot tub, a hot springs model, was already fill. We attached a hose to the drain faucet and let it drain (this took many hours). Then we cleaned it using some stuff they left behind, rinsed the filter down, and re-filled it by putting the holes into the filter compartment and letting the water flow in through there. Once it was full, I looked for go-bys on line on how to maintain proper water chemistry. Then it was a matter of simply adding things a little at a time until the test strips looked good. For more exacting methods you can get a liquid chemical test kit or take a water sample to a local spa store, but I think I get it reasonably close to where it needs to be without resorting to that. These are a number of things to measure but these four things will probably be most important to pay attention to: Chlorine Levels: Affects sanitation and safeness to use without skin or eye irritation. PH: Affects acidity of the water, which relates to how safe it is to use without skin or eye irritation and whether the plumbing will be protected from corrosion. Alkalinity: Helps keep PH stable so it doesn't vary by any great amount over time. Water Hardness: Must be maintained at the appropriate level or gradual damage to plumbing and seals can happen. The test strip bottle will probably have examples of what colors correspond to the appropriate ranges. And just so you know, you can't just pick any old chlorine off the shelf when it's time to replenish your stock. Sodium Dichlor granular chlorine is the only type of chlorine appropriate for hot tubs.

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