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<3 asked What happens if you use a low temp glue stick in a high temp gun?

I recently bought a High Temp glue gun, but I forgot to buy the sticks. I have sum low temp ones for my other gun, what would happen if I out the low heat glue sticks into the High temp gun? Im assuming a big gooey mess, but hoping not lol. So I can use it? It wont melt inside too fast and mess up the glue gun or anything?

And got the following answer:

You can use the glue no problem, however try not to leave glue on the nozzle for any extended period. Have a wet rag handy to wipe off the tip of the gun when you are done. The "glue" is actually a low melt plastic and will give off some nasty fumes if left to degrade under high temperature. The glue may also be a bit more sticky and loose it's viscosity (how thick the melt is) and be a little harder to control. Otherwise, you are all set.

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