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Mikey asked Will a defective refrigerator temperature control cause my freezer to ice up?

I just replaced the defrost heaters, thermostat and defrost timer on my GE side by side refrigerator freezer and my freezer is still iceing up and runs continously. I haven't chaged the refrigerator temperature control yet. Will a defective refrigerator control affect the freezer and cause it to ice up?

And got the following answer:

After you check the freon you might want to experiment with different settings on the control. I know in my GE fridge, if I have the temperature control off by just a hair, stuff on the top shelf starts to freeze up on me. Frozen cucumbers don't taste good, by the way. Get a refrigerator thermometer in the grocery store and put it towards the back on the fridge on the top shelf and watch the temperature for a few days. Then call in a repairman! Good luck.

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