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why asked My refrigerator is not cooling, but the freezer keeps over frosting?

Unplugging the fridge to let it completely defrost, and then plugging it back in seemed to regulate it for awhile, (a week or two) before the freezer would frost up again, and the fridge would not cool. even changing freezer settings to "min" and fridge to "max" does nothing to regulate temperature. THe freezer would still frost up, etc. After 3 occurrences i finally got my landlords to replace it. It was fine for a few months, but now the same exactly problem is happening even though its a different unit. The freezer still frosts up and has snow, even when set to minimal, and the fridge is barely cooled. What could be the problem, maybe something other than the refrigerators? Also, at my work, in the warmer months or drastic changes in the temperature between hot/cold weather, the large cooler/freezer will break down and not work. I wonder if the change in outside temperature has anything to do with my problem? It has been more frequent a problem since the weather became warmer.

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There are 5 possible problems that will make a refrigerator evaporator freeze up. One: The evaporator is freezing because the freon is low. Two: The evaporator fan in the freezer is not working. Three: The unit defrost element is open and faulty. Four: The unit defrost timer is faulty. Five: The thermostat is stuck and faulty. To accurately diagnose the unit I recommend a professional refrigeration tech look at the refrigerator. Note: A refrigerator or freezer is not designed to operate in a non-temperature controlled environment.

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