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Amanda R asked How do I light a glass wall?

I assume that LED lights would be the best, but what kind? We have a wall (dry-wall) with a large section of it being translucent glass. We would like to make the wall light up from the bottom. How?

And got the following answer:

LED strip lighting would be easiest, Spectrum lighting do a nice waterproof strip available in 30cm increments which clip together, in blue, green, red, warm white and snow white. It comes with double sided tape on the back- Osram do a similar product. However, 12v halogen uplights recessed into the floor would be more effective because you'll get a brighter, more directional light. With halogen you can control the beam angle (by buying different degree globes) which allows for various V effects. You can also buy inexpensive colored globes for seasonal or decorative whims. If heat is an issue, you can buy LED replacements for your uplights, while the beam control isn't as good, it will be much brighter than an LED strip. Once again Spectrum do a great product- is an LED MR16 globe (fits into a standard halogen up or down light) it comes with a remote control so you can change the globe color- (a nice variety from teal green to gold, light pink and blood purple) and effects like strobe, flash and fade.

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