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Bobby asked Power inverter help?

I did a little research and found out that a power inverter should be placed in a stable, flat, dry, well ventalated, 50-80 degree area. the problem is I want to put it in a backpack to run an electric leafblower and or snowblower. will being semi-violently shaken (walking), cold air (winter), or somewhat compromised ventalation cause damage? if it helps it is 300 watt continuous, 600 watt peak, a "Whistler" pp300ac Will being in an enclosed space like a backpack make up fo winter temperatures? or overcompensate? i know i should have a deep cycle battery, im working on that. is temperature really THAT important, ventalation? any help appreciated i just found it in my garage, its been there soooo long i dony know, warranty? maybe maybenot. i will keep it dry, i dont want to die. car rides get bumpy, walking shoudnt affect it right? what if i put a fan in the backpack?

And got the following answer:

Well ideally these things should be givena bit of vntialtion because they do generate a bit of heat for their size. Even at 90% efficieny, at 300W, you are making 30 watts of heat - a soldering irons worth. If you have that in an insualted backpack, it is going to overheat You might also need to check that they will drive the motor ok, some inverters are square wave only and not really very happy with some types of motor. No problems likely from being shaken about - within some sense of reason. If you mounted the invertor UNDER the backpack in the open air that ought to take care of the cooling needs too. **update** Even if you put a fan in the backpack, where is the airflow going? Around in a loop in the same few square inches? If the packpack is rigid - then perhaps this would work - but if soft/floppy than how you are going to stop the vents (and fans) being blocked is beyond me. You COULD re-house the inverter in a larger aluminium box and add a couple of really powerful internal fans which do NOT vent - but simply make the entire mass warmer. 30Watts of heat on a LARGE aluminium box might be acceptable - so long as ambient temp not too high - 80 is pushing it. It really is a ghastly way of doing things though. Is it really not practical to have the inverter UNDER the backpack - put it in a little box sprayed the same colour as the backpack if you want it to blend in. This all depends as well on how long you need to run it for at a time. a few seconds a minute as you wander the grouns just "tidying" little gits here and there might well be fine - 100% duty cycle is going to make things warm up. How about putting the inverter into the backpack, connecting the blower and checking the temp after 1 minutes, 2 minutes and so on. If all seems fine after 10 minutes, you might ber able to igore everything I have put. If on the other hand it becomes "hand hot" within a couple of minutes, you might need to take more account of the suggestions 😉

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