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scott b asked What plants grow quickly under grow lights?

I am having an art show and I'm planning on showing one of my sculptures on a recessed table with soil, plants, and a large grow light. Are there any very fast growing ivies or weeds anyone can recommend? Ones that do well indoors under grow lights?

And got the following answer:

Pothos always do well under grow lights, annuals also do very well since they have to grow so much in such a small period. You should also understand the mechanism behind plant growth, as long as there is sun (light) out the plants will continue to grow, so long as they are in the right medium. I would suggest planting some ivy, and pothos and balancing them out, with flowers such as tall marigolds, tall colorful grasses and even some moss. I have no Idea what your sculpture looks like but I think with those types of plants you can create a more color texture depth and dimension to your sculpture. I hope that helps.

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