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Blake H asked What tools would I need to get started in WoodWorking?

For power tools would I need a Miter Saw, a Circular Saw, and a Jigsaw? Also, does Bosch or DeWalt make better saws. And if Bosch or DeWalt don't make good saws who does? I want to have a reasonably priced saw that works good, I sorta have a budget since im 15. Thanks! lol, i wish i did have someone to help me.

And got the following answer:

Immediate needs: Orbital sander, cordless drill, jig saw, circular saw, good set of bits. When you can afford them: Router, biscuit joiner, miter saw (go with the Bosch or a Hitachi), compressor/finish nailer/brad nailer, table saw, jointer, dust collection system. Down the road: Second router, trim saw, second cordless, and upgrading any of the tools you have. Get a good book on making jigs and fixtures. These can save you a ton of time and effort if you do a project often. Don't forget about all of the consumables (nails, screws, stain/paint/varnish, glue, etc.). Woodworking is a great hobby. Good luck to you.

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