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Why So Serious? asked how can you make your own solar cells for solar panels?

i see these things all over the internet on how to make 'home made solar panels' but all of them require you to buy the solar cells and nothing tells you how to make your own. So how can you make your own solar cells?

And got the following answer:

Firstly, to address the link pointed out by bwise; that's hardly what constitutes what we mean by a "solar panel" is it? sure that can be a solar cell, but I'd like to see anyone build an array of these and get 175W of energy and compare the size difference between what we mean when we say "Solar Panel". Ok, to the asker, i a not sure what you are referring to when you refer to these online "guides"; but if there is anyone one out there that has a a process of building solar panels from materials made in the home, not only is he going to become a billionaire but also I want a share of it 🙂 So, just to give you an understanding of what a solar "cell" is made up of and the complexity of the process in producing it, you will understand that to make a solar panel, you NEED to BUY the cells indeed. Solar panels are made up of "solar cells", for sake of completeness. The solar cells on the other hand are made up of semiconductor technology, which is basically the stuff that runs our world today, commonly known as "chips" or computer chips. These "chips" that are in almost EVERY single electronic device that exists today can be made with different parameters to exhibit and/or exploit its various properties. Having said this, if you have a slight knowledge of electronics you will know what LEDs are. LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. This is a device which when a voltage is applied, emits light as its name suggests and uses very little power. These are made with tiny chips enclosed in translucent housing so the light can be seen. The solar panel works on the reverse principle. A solar cell has many LED like structures engineered to work in the reverse process. When the light hits these "cells" the electrons are energised by the photons (a light component) and they are mobilised producing current; i.e. electricity. Now silicon, a semiconductor material is made from sand. (YES sand, like that of the stuff found on the beach 🙂 It's heated up to to a molten state, purified...etc etc... and then cut to circular discs called wafers, doped with boron or another depending on the required parameters, the stencil being applied and stuff.... all this being taken place in a multi million dollar semiconductor facility with clean rooms and where all the personnel working there are covered head to toe in white suits and masks whose breath might even be dangerous for the products being developed.... So, as you can see this is a very very very complicated and expensive process hence for anyone who has a much cheaper alternative, that is why I would want to be a part of it as it would be an electronic revolution. So in conclusion, I would say from what I know and have conveyed the home production of conventional solar cells by us enthusiasts is pretty much impossible. Though, I would appreciate it if you could if you could give me a few of the links that you are referring to that sparked this question. I think it will be an interesting read at worst. Hope this helped.

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