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Sneha asked Our central heat seems to only turn on when it feels like. Is there a timer option?

It used to work fine till about a month ago, it is on auto (like it always has) and no one tinkered with it. It is connected to a honeywell thermostat. It turns on and heats up the home but only whenever, sometimes once an hour, sometimes once in 3 hours even if the temp drops 6 degrees below what we set it up for. Can someone please help?

And got the following answer:

Is Your Central Unit Gas Heated or Electric Heated? How Old Is Your Central Unit? How Old Is The Thermostat? How Old Are The Batteries in The Thermostat? If Your Central Unit is Gas and Old Pilot Light Type, It Could Be The The Gas Valve Not Opening To Put Gas To The Burner. If Your Central Unit is Gas And Newer it May Use Electronic Spark Ignition, Spark Ignition Like Some Gas Stoves or It Could Use a Glow Plug Ignitor. Once The Spark Or Glow is Detected Then The Gas Valve Opens. If Your Central Unit is Electric and Old 3 Main Things Can Go Out. The Thermostat Contacts, The Heating Sequencer Contacts, The Over temp Limit Switch. Try and Run Your Fan in The "ON" Position of The Thermostat. If Your Thermostat Is Dead or Dying Put Fresh New Batteries In It. AA or AAA. If Your Fan Stays Running And If It Keeps Your Temperature at The Same Degree Then Your Fan Controller is Not Sensing That The Burner or Electric Heater Has Come on And Over temps and Resets and Tries Again Until The Fan Controller Senses It Again. If This is The Problem Then Change Out The Heat Sensor / Flame Sensor, On Older Units The Fan Sequencer. If It Still Doesn't Maintain The Temp Then Please Call The Closest Relative/HVAC Tech.

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