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KenB asked Can I reset the Pressure Relief Valve in my Hot Water Heater?

Water is pouring out the Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve. The water heater had been set to "Vacation" mode for months. I turned it back to a normal temp setting and five minutes later water was pouring out through the relief valve pipe. I turned off the water to the hot water heater to control the water flow. Can I reset the valve or do I need to replace it? Can I do this myself?

And got the following answer:

The pressure relief valve can be manually opened but cannot be reset. The spring inside is set to open and should close back up when the pressure inside the tank has been alleviated. With that being said and not knowing the age of your water heater, I think you should replace your exercised relieve valve. Its not too costly and can be obtained from places like Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Upon replacement, make sure to shut off heating source, water source and drain tank slightly to level lower than relieve valve location. You might want to let tank cool slightly to prevent getting burned. Also, don't forget to get "pipe dough" to give a tight seal between the tank and the relieve valve. Good luck!

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