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rollingstones asked Hello friends. Let say we have a 4 sensor motes each one is adjusted with 3 sensors which are temperature?

sensor,pressure sensor and humidity sensor. Now the gateway which collect the data from these 4 sensors will have 3 readings which are temperature, pressure and humidity. How will the gateway distinguish between packets? how the gateway will know whether a particular packet is of temperature data or humidity data or pressure data?

And got the following answer:

That depends on the system you want to use.. you have a few choices.. You can identify each node and each device uniquely.. device 10 is node 1, node 2 is "device 20" node 3 is device 30... temperature is device 01, pressure is device 02, humidity is device 03.. Temp sensor on node 1 is "device 11", Temp sendor on device 2 is 21, humidity on node 2 is 23.. pressure on node 4 is 42. ... this scheme also leaves room for expansion. You could choose to use data authentication.. The acceptable ranges for your temp , pressure, and humidity are going to be pretty different. --Of course this depends on your application.. something in deep space, or near a volcano may have very different needs than a backyard monitoring station. the type of data is also very different. Temperature is only going to be in "degrees". If you go off the normal Fahrenheit / Celcius scales.. and use something like Kelvin.. then your valid data is around 270 degrees - 375 degrees of you can use the numbers we are used to.. but consider unique cases when temperature is equal to the humidity measurement. Humidity is going to be a percentage, valid between 0-100 / or 0.00 - 1.00 Pressure is going to have a narrow range in bars : 870 mb - 1080 mb ( probably narrower.. these are record numbers) You could also use a polling scheme, similar to token-ring.. where each unique device is polled at a particular time interval. Only when a sensor is queried - will the data returned be valid. Then your controller 'knows' which device is being queried, and therefore, what the data means. There are probably other ways.. this is just what I came up with quickly for you.

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