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Remington shooter120 asked What tools are needed to rebuild an engine?

I am rebuilding a 3.8L engine that's in my 1997 Ford Mustang. I just need to know what tools are needed to uninstall/reinstall and disassemble/reassemble the engine. I also need to know what machine work should be done to the original parts such as the crankshaft, etc.

And got the following answer:

every one has to start somewhere.. & if your asking them Im guessing your new to the engine rebuild. start with a workshop manual.... nothing like jumping in at the deep end... will tell you some of the specialist tools needed for your mustang..( in a lot of cases other tools will do the same job & you have them in your tool kit.. saves buying a new one) basic Kit for car engine work.. screw drivers flat & philips head.. 6 off each in varying sizes open end ring spanner combination.. around a dozen of metric & imperial socket set. metric & imperial impact driver.. torque wrench.. valve compressor ring compressor adjustable wrench.. 3 sizes. pin punch centre punch set pliers.. narrow point.. bull nosed.. locking pliers 3 sizes.. multi grips.. circlip pliers internal & external files flat triangular half round round 3 off each vaying sizes oil filter remover SO.. even a basic kit can set you back $1000 or so.. before you even undo a bolt machine work... reboring ,crankshaft grinding, valve reseating...head & bolck sufacing.. cam shaft work.. then when you bolt it back together.. everything has to line up .. or it wont run..or could bend all the new valves you just put in.. Having said all that... I have rebuilt a motor with just a socket set ,spanner set, screwdriver set.. & a couple of pairs of pliers.. maybe look for a person to help who has some idea what there doing... best way to learn is help someone else rebuild an engine & ask questions as you go.. most people are happy to pass on some knowledge/

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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