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Akachi Nwoke asked Can i run 10kva inverter with full load on generator?

I have a 650 watt generator, 10kva inverter (dc input of 120v and 7amps). Can i connect my inverter charger to the output of the generator to run a 10kva inverter with load? I will work only when the generator is on. Please help?

And got the following answer:

The power used by the inverter will always be more than the power output by the inverter. This is inherent. The inverter wastes some power. The efficiency of the inverter may be 90% at full load, but the power used with no load might be 5% of the full load power, so that would be ~500 watts. Your generator might just be able to run the inverter with no load, but cannot supply enough additional power to supply any load from the inverter. In other words a 10KVA inverter needs a generator that can supply about 110% of the inverter output power continuously. If you wish to use the full load the inverter is able to provide this is something like 10KW. This assumes the inverter is suitable for operation with the generator, considering most are intended for use with a battery. If the inverter needs 120V @ 7A the input power is 840W. This is not 10KVA, more like 1KVA. If it is 1KVA, the generator will run the inverter perhaps, if a suitable supply is used that emulates the battery. The battery charger would not be suitable, as it is too small. Nevertheless, the generator still could not supply the full output of the 1KVA inverter. You could only hope for 650W less the loss in the DC power supply and the inverter itself, so lets say something around ~500W would be provided continuously. You could use your generator to charge the battery over a long period and this could then run the inverter for a very short period. The losses in battery charging are significant, around 40%. It is about 30 hours charging for 1 hour operation, with a suitable large battery. The charger may not be suitable fr operating the inverter without a battery, and the inverter or the charger could be damaged by doing this. Additionally, the charger will not provide enough power to operate the inverter, even if you had a large generator. It is a charger, probably meant to charge the battery over 14 hours. The reason an inverter is sometimes used with a generator (smaller generators anyway) is so the generator can run at idle speed and save fuel when the load is small, yet jump to full power and speed when the load increases. The inverter stabilises the frequency and voltage from the generator under these conditions. The inverter and generator are matching sets, and include the throttle control (and maybe some others) for the engine. Normally there is no battery for this inverter, and the generato has a DC output, not AC. There is no way that you can do this.

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