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Nick asked Building a Garage, what is more cost effective and efficient on heating/cooling?

Building a little bit of an advanced garage/shop soon, and was just wondering, what would be the most efficient way to heat/cool it? 2 Ductless systems or 1 furnace? You can view some-what of the floor plan here: (Note: The Furnace would run off Natural Gas) Thanks.

And got the following answer:

I didn't look at your floor plan /but a two circuit mini - split would be some thing to consider;heat pump;....there are many models of mini splits that are factory shipped with two circuits;capable of feeding two seperate air handler's.Lg makes one as does Mitsubishi.Its essentially zoning of a different Type/the air handler's can be ran independently even though they share a common outdoor unit;consider an inverter model and also a low ambient capable unit;again very common.

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