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curious_greek asked Are air conditioners with inverter technology consuming less energy?

I am about to buy an air conditioner for my home. Some of the airconditoners i saw in the stores have "inverter" technology and are generaly more expensive than those without this "inverter" thing. The salesmen are telling me that those with inverter tech. are consuming less energy. Is it so? Is it worth the price difference?

And got the following answer:

This is new to me, had to look it up. Looks like a good idea. Whether or not it's worth the price difference would take a lot of calculations, and data that we don't have... If you aren't in a hurry, you can wait till Consumer Reports reviews them. They do have the money and equipment to actually measure the power difference and compare it to the initial cost differences. from wikipedia: The inverter tag found on some air conditioners signifies the ability of the unit to continuously regulate its thermal power flow. Traditional reverse-cycle air-conditioners use a heat pump that is either working at maximum capability or switched off, as the compressor's speed cannot be varied. In order to regulate temperature a thermistor is used to measure the ambient air temperature and switch the compressor on when the ambient air temperature is too far from the desired temperature. Air-conditioners bearing the inverter tag use a variable-frequency drive to control the speed of the motor and thus the compressor. The variable-frequency drive uses a rectifier to convert the incoming AC current to DC and then uses pulse-width modulation of the DC current within an inverter (electrical) to produce AC current of a desired frequency. The AC current is used to drive a brushless motor or an induction motor. As the speed of a brushless motor is synchronised to the frequency of the AC current, it is thus possible to build a compressor that can be run at different speeds. Similarly, the voltage and frequency can be varied as needed to efficiently run an induction motor at different speeds. A microcontroller can then sample the current ambient air temperature and adjust the speed of the compressor appropriately. Eliminating stop-start cycles increases efficiency, extends the life of components, and helps eliminate sharp fluctuations in the load the air-conditioner places on the power supply.

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