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Michael asked How long do laptop computers last on average?

If I buy a laptop computer can I expect it to last for at least 2 years if I use it every day for a few hours? What the the most common complain that people have when a laptop computer breaks down? Are desktop PC computers more reliable?

And got the following answer:

Two years is a good minimum to expect and on average you should expect at least three, if reasonable care is taken. My main travel laptop, a Core2 Duo, lasted for about four years before it started to develop mysterious "hang" issues. (And no, it's not an nVidia solder problem, as it uses an Intel graphics chip.) But note that it's a "business line" machine, not a cheapo consumer machine. I have an older laptop (a Pentium M, which should tell you how old it is - it's at least two generations behind in laptop tech, the next two being Core2 and then the Core i3/i5/i7 machines) that's retired from the road, not because of any problems but because it is just not fast enough for what I want to do... it's now in a docking station and doing service as a light-duty server. Common laptop failures include hangs and reboots (often caused by bad internal connections that develop over time as the machine is knocked around, or by heat problems, in turn caused by dust buildup on the heat sink/fan/radiator assembly), battery failures, hard drive failures, screen inverter failures (an under $20 part, easily replaced, that causes the screen backlight to fail), bad connections from the power supply cord. Yes, desktop machines are more reliable, simply because they aren't constantly being carried around and knocked around. Connections in laptops do break. Even circuit board traces break. There just isn't the same sort of abuse happening to a desktop machine. Also, desktop (3.5") hard drives are more reliable than the little (2.5") hard drives in laptops.

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