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Dylan asked What speakers and subwoofer setup should I get for my navigator?

I'm getting a 2005 lincoln navgator ultimate Witt the thx package I mainly want to upgrade to subwoofer then later maybe the other speakers as well what subwoofer should I buy for an open vehicle and what amp should I get and where the best place to put it and is it easy to wire up myself for just a sub I'd like to spend around 500 or less on speaker and amp

And got the following answer:

My question is, what do you want to achieve from your subwoofer? If you simply want to get a little bass in the back to blend in with the front speakers, all you need is an entry level 12" sub and amp that will both happily run on about 400-500 watts RMS. All those usual brands, Alpine, JL, Kicker, Pioneer etc, they're all about the same at the entry level. After that, you'll need a Line Out Converter (LOC) to grab a signal from the factory headunit, some 8gauge power wire, 14gauge speaker wire, a pre-fabricated box and you're good to go. Dime a dozen for this kind of stuff on places like Craigslist, and you might even be able to hustle a deal on new gear and installation from a store. BUT, if you need crazy bass that can be heard from three blocks away, things get harder. Then, you'll want multiple subs, or even a middle of the range 15" or 18" in a ported box. You'll also probably want to find an amp that will do 1,000 watts or more, likely @ 1ohm impedence, plus 4gauge or 0gauge wiring, a big ANL fuse block. You may find some dual 12" or even dual 15" sub boxes with a suitable amp and wiring in your budget second hand, but definately not new. Again, look on craigslist, but you'll probably have better luck finding something local on a dedicated audio forum such as: You'll probably find brands outside the norm, such as Skar, DAD, DD, FI, DC Audio etc... but its all good, and much better than the previously listed brands from regular stores. You can always mount the amp on the back of the enclosure if its sturdy, isolate it with some rubber spacers if you're concearned about vibrations. Cable, you can run power wire down one side of the car, going through a factory plug/grommet on the firewall, and either mount the fuse to somewhere in the engine bay with a bracket, or cable tie it to existing looms. Run your RCA's down the other side to prevent electrical interference. Would be best if you could use some brackets to secure the box into the back of the car. With the LOC, it changes on a car by car basis, and i'm not in America so i can't comment,Get a store to help would be preferable. OR, if you end up buying 2nd hand and the seller is a good guy, he might even help install it one weekend for beer money, you never know!

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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