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Nicky asked Is it safe to use a laptop charger in my car?

Recently I purchased a power outlet that connects to my car. I take my MacBook Air everywhere I go & need to charge it all the time. The charger connects like a phone charger would, except it's a outlet that would connect to any power outlet such as laptop chargers, wall plugs, ETC. I was just wondering if it was safe to use in the car & it wouldn't cause any harm like cause my battery to die or worse. Also, how badly would it reduce my car battery & possibly cause my car battery to die out. It sounds like silly questions, but it scares me a bit. Just wondering if anyone else uses it & had any problems. Here's a link to the charger I'm referring to:

And got the following answer:

Im usually on the road a lot, and charge mine through the car, been doing it for years, never had a problem, very little juice is sucked from the battery for this, so your fine.

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