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Garrett Martin asked How do I turn on my lights above my cabinets?

I just purchased a home and we noticed it was really dark in the kitchen so to make a LNG story short we looked aboved the cabinets and we saw there was led lights all above the cabinets and the cords are running in the wall so we checked the breaker and that's not it and we have tried all the light switches and we can't get them to turn on PLEASE HELP its really dark in the kitchen and any help at all would be much appreciated.

And got the following answer:

Is it not possible to contact the person you purchased the home from?Have you checked the cable coming from the lights to the wall incase there is a switch there or could they have run the cable in the wall down to a socket nearby I know it is of no help to you but the previous people would have wanted something easy to switch on.

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