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Voodoo 1492 asked How much does a hot tub heater pump & blower cost for a hot tub?

2004 8x8 Nassau hot tub

And got the following answer:

pump and blower? um are you sure you don't have a burnt relay? them both going out within the same year is pretty uncommon. I have been working the past 2 weeks on constructing a new controller for a question I answered. I love my work and do it for free sometimes lol Anyway I have got to know the running sequences and attitudes of the system. If your having issues with both motors than have them tested first. I cost about $50 buck a pop tho {at least here in Cal.} OK I just pulled his file and ..............yes I have files for some questions I take under my wing if too involved for this forum or like the guy I'm doing this for bought a used hot tub unhooked and sitting for a year got it home and it doesn't work."REAlly?" lol He wanted it for his family and blew all his money he was saving to buy something for himself on this. As a Dad I sympathized. So when he sent me the pictures I knew I was in for a dime in for a dollar and started to go to work deciphering the rats nest of wires from a diagram and a few pictures. I found everything and restructured it to a understandable mess know we are in the testing stage one function and device at a time. Oui!! lol ok looks like they both will go flat if the 10amp fuse to the PID controller is blown. If it is the fuse then the contact that initiates the blower and the temperature probe both are off. Without the temp probe the heat pump will not initiate as well. Try to find this fuse it should not be hard they put them out of harms way but still able to change the fuse. Good Luck

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