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FMC asked How can I wire an AC electrical outlet in to a bus conversion?

We are buying a 1999 diesel GMC short bus and converting it in to a small camper. I would like to install a standard 120V wall outlet in it. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about doing it?

And got the following answer:

This all depends on what you intend to use as your 120 VAC power source. If you intend to get your power from an electrical outlet at the campground this is relatively simple. You can either buy your parts at your local home improvement store or a camper sales store as lots of them also supply parts. I would definitely include some sort of breaker panel if you use power from an outside electrical outlet. If it is relatively small you could get by with only one circuit. However you may want to have more than one circuit. I would go no more than 15 amps in the circuits including 15 amp breakers. You could get a home improvement book on basic wiring to help you plan your circuits. However I would have the electrical wiring checked by an electrician for safety before you cover up all of the wiring with any paneling. It is easier to correct errors before you cover everything up. Or If you intend to get power from your van's electrical system you could use a dual battery setup with an isolator. An isolator does just what it says. It is sort of like a one way valve for electricity. Your second battery is isolated from the first battery but still charged by the vehicle's electrical system. This way if you draw this second battery completely dead you can still start the engine. You can usually find an isolator at your local camper supply store. Make sure your second battery is in a decent battery box that is vented outside the camper. A charging or discharging lead acid battery releases explosive hydrogen sulfide gas that must be vented outside. For the second battery use a large deep cycle battery like you would use on a electric boat trolling motor. Use the largest battery you can get. Next you need a power inverter. These convert 12 volt DC power to 120 Volt AC power. They come in various sizes. You could strategically locate these power inverters throughout your camper. Make sure you add an appropriately sized fuse to the 12 volt power supply. Locate the fuse close to the battery. You could also include a larger automatic battery charger to your setup to charge your battery off 120 volt AC power at the campground. The advantage of this second system I describe is that it can give you 120 volt AC power at any time like while driving down the highway or in a remote location where there is no outside power. Also, some remote camp sites do not allow the use of a gas generator. However this system could still supply power. You may need to start the engine a couple of times a day and let it run a while to charge your battery.

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