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saturnday asked Why is one of my new CCFL halo rim dimer and blinks?

I just received my new headlights which have 2 pairs of CCFL halos but one of the four is very dim. It seems that it doesn't have enough energy because its dim, it only lights up halfway and blinks a little. It reminds me of florescent lamps when they don't work right anymore. What could be the cause of this condition? Could it be the inverter? Could it be the halo rim itself?

And got the following answer:

I had the same issue when I owned my honda, one of the rings started doing that then it eventually burned out. The resistor inside was undersized so it would not let the proper amount of voltage to get to the led's. If it does in fact burn out you will need to open the headlight and change the resistors to a couple sizes larger. At that time you can also change the color of the rings if you wanted, I changed mine to blue.

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