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***candyman*** asked What soldering iron should I use to mod?

I have been using just a cheap 30W from sears and RS. They worked fin but the tips were too thick. I bouight thinner tips and now the solder doesnt stick and it takes like 5 seconds for it to melt. I was just wondering what to do plus I have successfully modded two controllers already.

And got the following answer:

Not sure what your budget is but, the Hakko FX-888 SOLDERING STATION is the one I'd look into. That took the place of the Hakko 936 which I have, that works great. I can solder anything from small components to assembling battery packs. But I had to change the tips of course to suit the project. Both of these models are temperature adjustable. The tips are not that expensive. If you are trying to heat it faster then a higher temp iron can be another option. Take caution in not burning up the wire insulation or the board. Enjoy.

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