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R W asked I am thinking about living in a van to beat the high cost of housing. Do you think it is possible?

I am a divorced single guy and am tired of paying inflated prices for housing in the city. I have a home elsewhere but must live in the city for work. I am thinking of converting a plain commercial van or panel truck so as not to draw attention when I am parked. Don't want to look like I am camping. Has anyone tried living in minimal space without many luxuries? I would only do it Monday thru Friday and head out of town on the weekends.

And got the following answer:

I'm a trucker, living in a van would seem like a luxury to me. Seriously, it can be done but there are some upgrades you may want to make on your van. The van itself should be a diesel so that you can idle it wthout burning up a lot of fuel. Then you'll want to upgrade your electrical system so that it can handle a 1000 watt inverter and then get yourself a small microwave and coleman sells a little cooler that can plug into a cigarette lighter, add in a hot plate and a lunchbox stove and you have a kitchen. For showering I'd suggest an arrangement with a friend or a coworker or you could join a gym, and failing that you could go to a truck stop. Showers there run about seven to ten dollars and they provide you with towels and washclothes and soap. My roommate lived in a van for about six months after his divorce and he still has that old piece of junk van.

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