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glowygreeniris asked Which drill is the best?

I'm a theater major, and in my school that means you spend a lot of time building sets. Now I'm getting tired of fighting through the cabinets looking for drill pieces. I want my own drill whose parts are where I last put it. Plus I have a ton of projects I want to do now I know how to use one. We use a DeWalt. I think it's the 18V. Cordless. I don't have much experience with drills, though, and being in college I want to get the best value for my money. So what do you guys think?

And got the following answer:

I am in construction and use cordless drills all the time. I even use an 18V, 3-speed, cordless drill with the hammer setting. This allows me to drill into masonry. The drill is great for drilling, but not all that great for installing screws and such. For that I use the DeWalt "drill-driver. This works awesome as it works like an impact wrench. The drill will have to turn all-at-once, where the drill-driver taps the screw in and doesn't break off or strip out the head. Makita has always been good for me too, except the last time the drill only lasted me 1 year instead of 4 years. For me, DeWalt has made the grade and is worth the money. You will get a better deal if you buy a combo pack.

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