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Khaus asked How hard can it be go 'GREEN' ::: How to turn a Solar Panel into a regular outlet for small appliances?

I have a CL-600 Coleman solar panel (600mA @ 15V, 9W) I got it so I could charge my camera batteries and maybe run a blender. The panel came with a Male Cigarette lighter adapter and Battery Clamps (basically to charge a car battery) Here's the catch -- I'm not going to have a car. How can I turn my Solar Panel into *POWER*. I have a CyberPower - 150W DC-to-AC Adapter - If that helps. Would a female' to female' adapter work so i could connect them all together? Is there such a thing as a female' to female' adapter? Thanks in advance for any help. If you have other suggestions, I'm all ears. I'm trying to recharge my camera batteries at night. If you there is another portable power source - I'm all ears.

And got the following answer:

You can probably get a splitter with 2 female ends and just wrap some electrical tape over the male end to prevent a short by the exposed contacts touching metal, or just cut off the male end, strip the wires and put on connectors to the battery, otherwise the power would need to feed back through the panel wiring to power the inverter and that may cause problems. Get the pigtail style to get the connection to the battery; some are very short so you wouldn't be able to get exposed wire to get to the battery. I have seen the splitter at Walmart and on e-bay, I am pretty sure radio shack would have them too. It looks like you already have the inverter, but 150 watts is not much power if you want to run the blender, I checked mine and it uses up to 375 watts. If you are just charging small batteries off of the big one the one you have should be fine. I just saw a video doing just what you are trying: You might find it helpful.

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