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pandora0791 asked Best Cordless Drill for cable tech?

My husband had a Black & Decker Cordless 18v Drill that died on him at work and now needs a new one; a really good one. He mentioned a drill a buddy of his at work has that was very light in weight and I believe it was a Makita? My question is, is this drill the best for his job? The drill in question is the Makita LCT200W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit. I hear it is light in weight which is a plus for many reasons including he is starting to show signs of carpal tunnel. I also need to mention he uses it at almost every job and does 5-10 jobs daily (5-6 days a week) and is on a tight schedule so he is tough on his tools. I've done my research and have found that the battery life is good (not great, but good but I can upgrade to the 3.0 battery). So, is this the best Cordless Drill out there for a cable/satellite tech? One more question,,what does lithium/ion mean? Thanks ahead for your help, it is much appreciated. ....and to my husband...if you happen to see this I suggest you keep your mouth closed OR ELSE you will end up with CLOTHES, CLOTHES, CLOTHES like Christmas 2007! Ranger: that's just it, he did not say it was what he wanted, he just mentioned it because of it's light weight. I want to know the best drill from a man's perspective, that's all.

And got the following answer:

Makita is a good drill I have one. I mainly use dewalts drills I just like the feel of them better not to mention that My Makita had to be rebuilt more often then the dewalts I have regular and impactor drill and my dewalts hold a charge longer Not to mention durable Ive dropped it off of high places and picked it right up When I drop my Makita had to replace it the next day I work in construction, so they get a lot of use I use the makita at home and dewalts at work, as preference but a man and his tools everyone has different tastes in tools. Some like craftsman I prefer snap on, for the same reasons more durable Ive replaced many craftsman and rarely replace snap on but they cost more money too And I have one Makita and 5 dewalts, comfort, reliability, is the main reason why and weight Your husband probably don't use it as much as me....OH if you wind up buying him clothes Tell your Santa to send me his dewalt lol Hope that helps Lr

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