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coastiewife asked ryobi vs craftsman?

Ok I need some help here from the more power tool savy guys and gals. My husband wants some power tools for christmas, more particuarly a table saw or drill press. He exclusively prefers Craftsman and Ryobi. So of the two I mentioned what would you recommend more and why? Also if anyone could help what would be more useful to a wood working hobbyist, a table saw or drill press? I can only buy one for christmas. He'll have to wait for his birthday or something for the other. I understand there are other high quality tools out there but am sticking with his requests and what we can actually afford, so please don't suggest any other brand. I know some of you have mentioned Dewalt and both hubby and I agree that they are awesome but we also have a mortgage to pay LOL

And got the following answer:

The table saw is the single most important tool for a wood worker. Ten years ago I was a loyal Craftsman man. But Craftsman has changed and Sears has basically abandoned the "replace without question" warranties that made Craftsman so popular. As a former Sears sales tool guy, I can tell you that Craftsman tools no longer hold up quality wise. My choice is DeWalt, but since you asked us to pick between the two options my vote is definitely for Ryobi unless you are getting up in price to the upper end cabinet saws. Then I would go with the craftsman. It sounds like you are in a medium price range ($600??) so if that is the case go with the Ryobi.

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