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Psychology Student asked Can you charge a battery bank with a 4 stroke 33cc robin subaru engine?

I have this little engine on my bicycle. But, I am wondering if I could also use the engine as an emergency power generator. If I can use it to generate electricity, what else would I need to make it work? Would I have to fix it to an alternator?

And got the following answer:

Allow me a few minutes to take a picture of the machine I built. It runs on a small Honda engine formerly used as a tiller. A SMALL tiller. Best of luck with your project. '') In the photos below (and I'm trying to upload a video) is a small gas engine and a 60 amp Toyota alternator and an old car battery. The voltage this morning before starting the generator was 6.7 volts (the battery is old). But after starting it (on the video) the voltage went to 14.4 volts and was drawing only a half an amp. After running for a few minutes the amperage went up to 1.4 amps. Switching the alternator in and out of the circuit revealed the difference in engine performance. I'd imagine that a heavier load would have bogged the engine down considerably. But I haven't tested it yet. Here's a link to the latest photo. There are four photos in all so far. Like I said, I'm still trying to upload a video. The engine speed is not governed, it's set at the highest idle I can get it to do. If I take the time to build a governor to increase engine performance during load I'd imagine I can probably get a good 10 amps out of it - but I guess. I haven't done any load testing on it yet. But the plans are to get a good battery and an inverter as an emergency power source for the refrigerator or for the furnace. Again, best of luck with your project. Video shortly. It's still uploading. '') Video is ready:

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