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WonderWoman asked How do I know if the humidity in my apartment is too low? And how do I check the humidity?

I am getting nosebleeds often and have been checked by the doctor, and was told it is probably the humidity in my house. Can someone tell me how to check the humidity levels?

And got the following answer:

humidity can only be checked with an instrument that's designed to measure it. There are fairly cheap humidity sensors available, maybe 35 dollars or less. There are digital ones or analog ones. However, if you buy a humidifier, they often have humidity meters on them, so you don't need to buy a seperate sensor. Humidifiers usually turn on and off based on humidity levels, so they already have sensors in them. But you'd have to look on the box to see if they actually display what the humidity is. By the way, i was cursed with nosebleeds too, especially in the winter, and humidifiers definitely help.

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