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The_Mighty_Wez asked Is it possible to just tie an apartment solar power array to the electrical grid without a battery?

I would like to set up a solar power array in my apartment, but I'd like to just bypass a storage battery. If I set up a solar power array and hook it up to an inverter that will then tie into a power socket into the grid itself, do I need a battery? I just want to save money on my electricity bill and not have a standby in case of a power failure.

And got the following answer:

Grid-tied solar system are the most common type in the USA these days. They do not require batteries. However, the inverter has to connect to the grid through the breaker panel, which may not be accessible from your apartment. You would need to coordinate with your landlord, which might be tricky at best. If they will allow it, you can look at some grid-tied systems here, The best way to save money on electricity is to use less. I know, pretty obvious, but it is cheaper to save electricity than to make it. Change out all of you light bulbs from incandescent to CFL, look for phantom loads that stay on when you turn the device off, like TVs, stereos, PCs, and connect them to a power strip that you can turn completely off at night.

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