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Jessica asked Best LED light bulb for kitchen?

I am planning to buy new light bulbs and they are LED light bulbs for my kitchen. I have 4 housing installed up my roof and I am not sure which is the right light bulb to buy. At the moment, the light bulbs are currently in use are Compact Florescent flood light bulb (they save energy,but I prefer LED lighting over compact florescent). The compact florescent light bulb is at 11W but not sure how much lumen. I like the light range for the kitchen right now, but it can be brighter. I am looking into LED reflector flood light bulb. I am planning to pick up a Philip LED reflector flood light. However I am not sure if this is the recommended light bulb for good lighting and energy saving. Philip LED reflector light bulb:;compareState0=id0%3D%2Cid1%3D%2Cid2%3D%2CcompareView%3Dfalse;productState0=page%3D1%2Csort%3Dsubcat_asc_group Thanks!

And got the following answer:

It's a good light bulb. I recommend you see them in person at Home Depot or Lowe's. New ones come out every day.

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