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OBSESSED asked what is the right method to weld glass bulbs?

We have developped a special LED circuit and light and put it in a PAR56 bulb, now we bought the glass PAR56 body from China and we are using a special silicone sealant but it is not lasting for long because of the heat generated from the LEDs, so sooner or later water comes into the bulb (since it is an underwater bulb). The bulb producer told me that it is best to weld the bulb with glass and thus eliminates the water leakage, but welding glass means high temperatures and this will effect the electronic circuit of the LEDs. What should i do? any solution?

And got the following answer:

You can probably bond this with an epoxy as opposed to a Silicone / glass welding. Try EPO-TEK. They make a wide variety of industrial epoxies.

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