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Dark Drak asked What plants are good for a 2 gallon bowl?

I have a 2 gallon glass bowl. Right now it has water, a heater, glass marbles as substrate, and an LED light. It does not have a filter. I want no life in it besides the plants. I bought an Amazon Sword tonight not realizing how big they get. Are there any plants that would be okay with glass marbles as substrate? And what plants won't grow too large in here?

And got the following answer:

Different kinds of mosses: Java moss, Christmas moss, Flame moss etc. If you got a nice piece of driftwood with thin branches it would look amazing with mosses growing on it (or, if you have time to kill, you could use this as an opportunity to learn how to collect driftwooed and make it aquarium-safe. this is what I plan to do with my own plants only tank).

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