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Franklyn asked I am looking for a professional LED lights supplier. What about GYLED Lighting? Is it credible?

My company is going to buy a large number of LED lights for our new factory. So urgently need a credible LED lights supplier. Any suggestions?

And got the following answer:

As a Chinese optical designer, I am mainly based on the characteristics of light refraction and reflection to design more reasonable lighting, LED as the light-emitting diode semiconductor lighting, although the energy saving effect is not very obvious opposed to the traditional fluorescent lighting , it is semiconductor applications which can be better combine with medicine, agriculture, apparel and other industries,as the incandescent exit the stage of history, coupled that the phosphors in the fluorescent lamps contains mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals, once broken, mercury and other heavy pour into the air, soil, polluting the environment of our lives, fortunately,the LED lighting eliminates this phenomenon. With LED lighting technology constantly innovating, its energy saving effect will become increasingly obvious, it not only provides us with the simple lighting services but also combines many other fields and upgrade to the intelligent lighting that is closer to our life to bring us new sensory experiences and convenient.. China is a big country engaging in producing and developing the electronic products,LED light enjoys a great popularity in China,although the core technology such as LED chip packaging lies in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, research and development is relatively backward, but China's production technology is relatively strong, a large number of excellent LED lighting suppliers have been emerging, Chinese native NVC, rectangular lighting, three male Aurora, these excellent LED lighting business is the backbone of product design and production which are leading with their peers, but relative to other companies in the same industry, the price of the same product is significantly higher, For us ordinary people, we’d better choose a high-quality LED lighting without sacrificing, and I have played for many years in the field of optical design, of course, I know that some small and medium LED lighting suppliers whose prices are not only more affordable, more important is that the product quality is guaranteed! There is no doubt that any product are relying on the effect, regardless of your fame and then ring, how exaggerated the advertising, ordinary people still rely on word of mouth and the practical effects. the Chinese is always saying that “a mule is a horse out yo, The masses have sharp eyes”, what the saying is that nothing is better but to down to earth to do things and If you would not be known to do anything, never do it,, these two old mottoes is the same for the business, good business always stand to the vital interests of consumers and customer-centric, innovating the R & D to produce the quality products, the lead lighting located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province is such a company.Shenzhen Lead Opto-Technology Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of LED lighting, mainly produce LED High Bay Light, LED Flood Light, LED Panel,LED Ceiling Light etc with OEM&ODM service. As an ISO 9001:2000-certified factory, we can meet the strict standards of CE, RoHS, FCC certificate, these strict producing standards guarantee our products distribute smoothly both in domestic and international markets.Browse and for more information about the LED light.

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