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Mitch asked How to power a LED rope light using a small battery?

I just bought a 6'6" LED rope light that will come with a power cord already attached but I want to be able to power it without plugging into a wall. Thought about a small lawn mower battery or something that can be charged and re-used. Here are a few specs on the rope light: Power: 110 Volt - 120 Volt, 0.00457 amps per foot / 0.503 watts per foot. Any suggestions on what battery and how to wire it up for power? Thanks

And got the following answer:

First, to power an LED string requires a specific voltage as LED s are voltage dependent devices. The voltage is different for each color of LED. If this is a multicolor string, each color is likely to be on a separate leg either series or parallel so they get the correct voltage. Each LED will have a resistor, most likely, to limit the current to ~20 mA. And since they are LED s, they will only light with one polarity. That last leads us to the fact that it is likely there is a half-wave or full-wave rectifier circuit in the power cord somewhere. What this all adds up to is that while it isn't impossible, to do it correctly will require you to have or gain some skills like using a multimeter, soldering, tracing circuits and re-designing circuits to different power supply specifications. Just clipping the cord and connecting a battery won't likely work for you. Try reading the ebooks here on electronics for a start.

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