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wildmick21 asked How do I remove rust from magnetic drill bits?

I have a nice socket wrench set with magnetic drill bits for a screwdriver. Somehow moisture got into the kit box, and the drill bits are covered with rust. How do I remove the rust from these?

And got the following answer:

there are several good answers you have received already but let me add mine. Lay all the rusted drill bits and tools on newspaper or a rag then spray with either WD-40 or Rust Buster let them soak a couple minutes then if u have access to a rotary wire wheel use that to remove the rust or use a stiff wire brush.(you can buy a set at Home Depot or Wall Mart or any of those stores for less than $5.00. Anyway use them along with more spray to remove the rust. (Don't use a grinding wheel as u will destroy the tools. After removing the rust before storing the tools coat them with a fine coating of vaseline to protect them in the future. (Vaseline is clean and does a fine job). Contact me for further information.

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