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Dave asked anyone running a large fridge on solar?

Hey. I just bought an off grid solar system. I have ten 240 watt panels for a total of 2400 watts from the array. I have a magnum 4400 watt inverter with a max output of 8500 watts and 4400 watts continuous power. 8 surrett 530 AH batteries connected in series running 48 volts. I am using a tristar 60 amp controller with mppt. on a good day the array should bring in up to 3 kw per hour with mppt, day light permitting of course. I have friends down the road who are on solar and they think running a fridge would tax the system. I feel I have lots of power. I am running a 240 volt well pump, but it is not on often or for very long. other than the fridge and well pump, my other usage is up to 5 13 watt lights at night and usually the radio, sometimes the tv. does anyone run an 18 cf or larger fridge on solar and have any info they could share. the wattage of the fridge and the size of array and storage used to support it? thanks

And got the following answer:

One of the newer, efficient refrigerators of that size will use maybe 3 kWh a day. Maybe 1 if you never open it. An older, cheap fridge with poor insulation might use 10 times that much. Check the manufacturer's site - they might have a rating for your model. It sounds like you have a serious system. That Tristar should show you the State of Charge (SOC) of the battery bank, and you can watch to see whether it's keeping up with your usage. It probably will for the near term, spring is the best season for solar production.

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