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flyer_yas asked Which inverter to buy for my computer?

This is my system configuration. core i7 , 8gb ram, nvidia 9800 GT 1gb, 23 inch lcd. Pretty much a high end gaming machine. I already had a microtek ups 800 w ups that broke down just after its 2yr warranty expired. Can anyone specify me an "INVERTER" that would give me a 3 hrs gaming time when power goes off. Please specify the watts and company of inverter i need to buy that comes along with a battery. I heard the price of ups are high compared to the inverters. So I will connect a high end inverter to a low end ups then the low end ups to my pc .... 🙂 Thanks! Please suggest me an inverter cm battery

And got the following answer:

An inverter doesn't come with a battery. A UPS is an inverter and a battery (and circuitry to charge the battery and automatically switch power sources).

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