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asked Which is the best inverter, quality & cost wise?

I want to connect my two system into a inverter. Pls suggest me a best inverter, quality and cost wise. Advantages & disadvantages of the inverter. What is the unit of current will get monthly for charging the inverter?

And got the following answer:

Schneider Electric (formerly Xantrex) makes a great product and given their size/economies of scale their prices are lower than OutBack, Apollo, etc. It would also depend on what two systems you are trying to connect, age of system, etc. Check out Sun Electronics as my Uncle in the Florida Keys, In Laws outside of Chicago and Brother in the Caribbean used them and have been really impressed with their service and prices. My Uncle used them on a big retro fit on his house, in laws used them for a small project on their house, and my brother used them for his boat and all are happy with their respective finished products.

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