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homeimprovementjay asked What do people think of "daylight" style compact fluorescent light bulbs?

Daylight style light bulb have a color of 6500K. They are different, brighter, and I think I like them. However, sometimes I think they may make me almost feel dizzy and give me a headache, and I can't tell if I really like them or if I like the idea of liking them. You can really tell a difference between traditional wave length bulbs and these. The ones I used were GE daylight 75 (cool daylight color), though I think Sylvania and Philips make something similar. Thanks in advance for any replys. We are trying to decide whether to replace others in our house with these or take these back to the store.

And got the following answer:

Well, the store wont take them back. Generally no one takes back light bulbs or batteries, at least they dont if the packaging has been opened. I can understand your frustration with the lighting quality. I installed dimmable CFLs in my house, and although the color is sorta close when they are all the way on, the color is too pink when they are dimmed. If you really want the right color, and I have bought these before, but they are pricey, look for LED bulbs. They cost 2 or 3 times more than CFLs, but they use even less energy, wheras a 100 watts of light equivalent in a CFL uses like 25 watts, LED bulbs consume as little as 10 watts, give off less heat and their color is more accurate, at least I think so. But, dont bother looking for them at Lowes or Home Depot as you wont find them there. I've only been able to find them on the Internet from specialty sites. Do a Google on "LED bulbs".

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