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Alexi M asked Does a gas station need power to pump gas?

So, for example, do gas stations stop functioning in blackouts (assuming they don't have generators)? And if the pumps need power to work, how might one go about getting the gas from the gas station's tanks without electricity? No, I'm not planning anything illegal, I'm just doing some research for a novel.

And got the following answer:

Well to siphon a fluid the discharge point of the hose has to be lower the the fluid being transferred. Fluids do not run up hill by themselves. Because the pumps run on electricity, a power inverter could be used to power the pump from a car battery or running engine. Inside stations that do car repair there are pumps often on balk oil containers. Once cleaned up of the existing fluid (oil) it might be possible to rig up a hose that would reach the gasoline in the storage tank and hand crank the gas up. Now the problems that come up are others trying to do the same or want to do the same. If there was a disaster that puts the country into anarchy then there will be looters. Looters get shot, until there are no bullets left. So there are two problems- 1. How to get the gasoline 2. How to not get killed getting it The solution is to walk and stay off of the roads. It would be better to stay out of sight as much as possible. However unpleasant it might seem city sewers can be a great way to travel.

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