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Bella asked What kind of products i will use that includes a sensor?

Help me. In our technology subject. So do you think "wrist mp3 player that charges on pulse" is ok? Or "iphone projector" or " a USB that can view your files on the screen of the USB design concept and a touch screen" which one? And why? What 1.AESTHETICS: 2.MATERIALS: 3. QUALITY: VALUE FoR MONEY: PURPOSE/FUNCTION. Please help me can u answer all of that? If you are good in technology 10 points i really appreciate ot

And got the following answer:

I would like to see heated gloves that include a temperature sensor to keep the heat at just the right temperature regardless of the weather. Current heated gloves do not measure how hot it is in the glove. You select either on or off, and that's it for heat control. So battery life suffers, your hand suffers from excessive or not enough heat. The temperature control could be built in to the battery box with a small LCD display and controls. An inexpensive and small Microchip PIC16F628 micro controller would interface with the LCD and provide temperature reading conversion from the temperature sensor in the glove. The sensor would be a small thermocouple, RTD, or thermistor in each glove. The aesthetics of the gloves would be improved, as the battery box with LCD would look more like it had a real function other than just a box for batteries. Materials would be mostly plastic, resulting in good value for the money.

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