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Applegirl23 asked what power tools do you recommend?

I'm new at buying tools and I usually borrow but now I'd like to buy my own. I really love carpentry and I plan to do quite a bit of projects once I have power tools. I'de like to start out by buying a circular saw and a drill. what brands and types do you recomend that are not to expensive, will do a good job, and will last a pretty long time? and if you can, which brands and types should I stay away from?

And got the following answer:

CRAFTSMEN SUCK ! (they don't have lifetime warr on power tools, YOU have to buy extended warr) it really depends on what you define as expensive ? also don't get offended, but make sure you try them with batt installed, they tend to get pretty heavy for most women after a while, dewalt,porter cable,bosch,milwaukee all sell a great 5 piece package pack that includes pretty much everything you need. its about $450 - $650..all great. ryobi makes a decent set for your home, a lot less expensive and lighter in weight, i think you may like that brand.. the others are used by contractor (my power tools are porter cable my drill weighs over 6lbs just to give you an idea) all those are cordless too, feel free to email me if you have any more questions..

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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