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Fred asked How much solar electricity can be extracted from 100 square feet of flat roof?

What is the state of solar technology today? Assume a cloudless sky and a mid fall or mid spring day in a temperate location. Assume we aim them at the noon sun and mount them in such a way they can be re aligned manually when it is worth doing so. Sharp is a manufacturer who else?

And got the following answer:

Let's assume you use some commercial solar panels from Sharp or similar company. They are about 12 sq ft and rated around 130 W. So you could have about 8 of them. Assume you get about 6 hours of useable sun each day so you can in theory get 6240W. The average house in the US uses around 25,000W a day. Added later: 6h a day assumes best placement, plus you will lose some in cabling and converting to AC. Some other manufacture are Evergreen, Sunpower, Sanyo, and Toshiba. There are many others.

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